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Messages.h File Reference

Provides a list of the message IDs used and constant handles to reference them by. More...

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namespace  Sound
 Namespace to contain every item that is related to the sound engine.


const unsigned int Sound::ACK_MODULE_LOADED = 4001
 Message sent from the module to indicate that the it has loaded.
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_MODULE_START = 4002
 Message sent to the module to start it up.
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_MODULE_START = 4003
 Message sent from the module with a status indicator bool that indicate whether the module sucessfully loaded.
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_LOAD_XACT_SETTINGS_FILE = 4008
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_LOAD_XACT_SETTINGS_FILE = 4009
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_LOAD_IN_MEMORY_WAVEBANK = 4010
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_LOAD_IN_MEMORY_WAVEBANK = 4011
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_LOAD_STREAMING_WAVEBANK = 4012
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_LOAD_STREAMING_WAVEBANK = 4013
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_LOAD_SOUNDBANK = 4020
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_LOAD_SOUNDBANK = 4021
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_GET_CUE_KEY = 4100
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_GET_CUE_KEY = 4101
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_PREPARE_CUE = 4110
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_PREPARE_CUE = 4111
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_PREPARE_3D_CUE = 4112
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_PREPARE_3D_CUE = 4113
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_PLAY_CUE = 4120
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_PLAY_3D_CUE = 4122
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_PLAY_CUE_AT = 4124
const unsigned int Sound::MSG_STOP_CUE = 4190
const unsigned int Sound::ACK_STOP_CUE = 4191

Detailed Description

Provides a list of the message IDs used and constant handles to reference them by.

Ricky Curtice

Definition in file Messages.h.