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Components.h File Reference

Provides a list of component name strings for creating components. More...

#include <string>
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namespace  GraphicsCore
 Namespace to contain every item that is related to the rendering engine. The name itself is a legacy, as is a lot of the code contain by it, from the Saturn V engine that built as part of Adam and Ricky's Engine class.


#define CAMERA__NAME_TYPE   std::string
#define CAMERA__FOV_TYPE   float
#define CAMERA__NEAR_CLIP_TYPE   float
#define CAMERA__FAR_CLIP_TYPE   float
#define RENDER__SPACE_TYPE   ECoordinateSpace
#define TEXTURES__DATA_TYPE   EnvelopeSPTR
#define LIGHT__RANGE_TYPE   float
#define HEIGHTMAP__FILE_TYPE   std::string
#define HEIGHTMAP__TEXTURE_FILE_TYPE   std::string
#define MESH__FILE_TYPE   std::string
#define HELICAL_TUBE__PITCH_TYPE   float
#define HELICAL_TUBE__SEGMENTS_TYPE   unsigned int
#define QUAD__WIDTH_TYPE   float
#define QUAD__HEIGHT_TYPE   float
#define QUAD__ORIGIN_TYPE   unsigned int
#define QUAD__ORIENT_TYPE   unsigned int


const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA = "camera"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__NAME = "name"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__FOV = "fov"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__NEAR_CLIP = "nearclip"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__FAR_CLIP = "farclip"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__OFFSET = "offset"
const std::string GraphicsCore::CAMERA__ROTATION = "rotation"
const std::string GraphicsCore::RENDER__SPACE = "space"
const std::string GraphicsCore::MATERIALS__DATA = "materials"
const std::string GraphicsCore::TEXTURES__DATA = "textures"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT_AMBIENT = "amblight"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT_DIRECTIONAL = "dirlight"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT_POINT = "pointlight"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT__AMBIENT_COLOR = "ambient"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT__DIFFUSE_COLOR = "diffuse"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT__SPECULAR_COLOR = "specular"
const std::string GraphicsCore::LIGHT__RANGE = "range"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HEIGHTMAP = "heightmap"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HEIGHTMAP__FILE = "heightmap"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HEIGHTMAP__TEXTURE_FILE = "texture"
const std::string GraphicsCore::MESH = "mesh"
const std::string GraphicsCore::MESH__FILE = "file"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HELICAL_TUBE = "helicaltube"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HELICAL_TUBE__RADIUS = "radius"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HELICAL_TUBE__LENGTH = "length"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HELICAL_TUBE__PITCH = "pitch"
const std::string GraphicsCore::HELICAL_TUBE__SEGMENTS = "segments"
const std::string GraphicsCore::TILED_MAP = "tiledmap"
const std::string GraphicsCore::POINTLINE = "pointline"
const std::string GraphicsCore::SPRITE = "sprite"
const std::string GraphicsCore::D3DFONT = "d3dfont"
const std::string GraphicsCore::QUAD = "quad"
const std::string GraphicsCore::QUAD__WIDTH = "width"
const std::string GraphicsCore::QUAD__HEIGHT = "height"
const std::string GraphicsCore::QUAD__ORIGIN = "origin"
const std::string GraphicsCore::QUAD__ORIENT = "orient"

Detailed Description

Provides a list of component name strings for creating components.

Ricky Curtice

Provides a list of component name strings for creating components

Definition in file Components.h.