NLS Engine  v0.1
The Next Logical Step in game engine design.
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00006 #pragma once
00008 #include <string>
00009 #include "EngineConfig.h"
00011 namespace NLS_I18N {
00012   const std::string TITLE_INFO("Information");
00013   const std::string TITLE_WARNING("Warning");
00014   const std::string TITLE_CRITICAL("Error");
00016   const std::string FILESYSTEM_ERROR_TITLE("File System Error!");
00017   const std::string FILESYSTEM_PER_USER_FOLDER_ACCESS_ERROR("Attempt to access per-user config folder failed:\n");
00018   const std::string FILESYSTEM_PER_USER_FOLDER_WRITE_ERROR("Attempt to write to per-user config folder failed.");
00019   const std::string FILESYSTEM_PER_USER_FOLDER_CREATE_ERROR("Attempt to create per-user config folder failed:\n");
00021   const std::string CONFIG_LOAD_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file from disk.\nUnable to continue, please add the configuration file!");
00022   const std::string CONFIG_KEY_MISSING_ERROR("Configuration file incomplete!\nUnable to continue, please correct the configuration file!\nMissing key: ");
00024   const std::string CONFIG_PARSE_KEY_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: key of invalid type!");
00025   const std::string CONFIG_PARSE_VALUE_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: unrecognized value for key: ");
00026   const std::string CONFIG_PARSE_VALUE_MISSING_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: missing value for key: ");
00028   const std::string CONFIG_LEX_KEY_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: unrecognized key: ");
00029   const std::string CONFIG_LEX_DUP_KEY_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: key not valid to be duplicated: ");
00030   const std::string CONFIG_LEX_VALUE_ERROR("Unable to load configuration file: unrecognized value type for key: ");
00031 }